Frequently Asked Questions About Shaker Towers

  • The Shaker Towers Condominium Association is organized as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Ohio.  The Association is responsible for the management and maintenance of the common areas and property.  Each Unit Owner, upon acquisition of a Unit, automatically becomes a member of the Association.
  • Each Unit Owner, at the time of purchase, is given these governing documents:
  • Declaration: Spells out the responsibilities of the Association and Unit Owners.
  • Bylaws: Spells out how the Association and Unit Owners are to carry out responsibilities stated in the Association Declaration.
  • Rules & Regulations: spells out the rules that allow residents to live successfully under the same roof. The Board updates this document as needed.
  • Resident Handbook: Helpful information on a host of topics including garage use and services, staff and personnel, in-suite services, etc.

The Association is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors elected by the Unit Owners.  The Board in turn elects the officers of the Association and appoints all Committee chairs. Board and Committee members are not compensated.

Standing Committees are Finance, Grounds, Hospitality, House, Infrastructure, Marketing, Nominating, and Operations. Owner participation is encouraged.

The residents of Shaker Towers are predominantly Owners; there are consistently about 5 (out of 92) Owners who lease their units. 

All residents are expected to abide by the Association’s governing documents. Owners of leased Units are responsible for their renters’ compliance.

Pets are permitted with prior approval by the Building Manager. Specific rules regarding pets can be found in the Rules & Regulations.

The Association has contracted with Carlyle Management Company to provide management services to the Association.  Staff directly employed by the Association:

  • An onsite Building Manager oversees operations, directly supervises employees and contractors, and is available to Owners to respond to questions and concerns
  • Full-time maintenance mechanic supervisor
  • Part-time painter

Contracted services:

  • Garage staff (Manager and Attendants) are on duty 24 hours/7 days a week; they wash cars, accept deliveries and dry cleaning, and assist residents in a variety of ways
  • Cleaning service personnel are on site seven days a week to clean all Common Areas and remove trash and recyclables

Per State law, a Reserve Study is in place and is updated every five years. An independent expert looks at every system and aspect of the physical plan; projects its expected remaining years of useful life; considers replacement cost; and sets forth a plan to properly meet those needs over the next thirty years.

A Capital Reserve Fund (CRF) is how the Association plans and saves for major replacements and improvements that Shaker Towers will require in the years ahead, without having to levy Special Assessments.

In the past decade, the Association has renovated both service elevators, remodeled both Laundry Rooms, made significant improvements to the heating system, and undertaken a ten-year tuck-pointing project totaling $2 million – all paid out of our CRF, without Special Assessment.  

The main source of Association revenue is the Monthly Assessment paid by Owners. All Assessments are based on percent of Ownership, namely the Unit’s square footage.

The Monthly Assessment invoices all Owners for the following:

  • Capital Reserve Fund: roughly 25%, finances future repairs and replacements
  • Operating Fund: roughly 50%, covers operating expenses such as personnel, contracted services, maintenance and repair, insurance, professional fees, administrative expense

Utilities: roughly 25%, covers in-suite heating and water and for utilities for the Common Areas

Monthly invoices include a flat rate for the following discretionary services:

  • Spectrum Cable and Internet Services: Fixed fee of $45 for basic cable and internet package. Owner may add premium channels that would then be billed directly to owner by Spectrum
  • Assigned garage space(s) as requested by the Owner
  • Garage services requested by the Owner, such as car washes
  • Requested in-suite labor performed by staff

Since 2009 Monthly Assessments were only increased twice, for a total of 14.6%, in order to keep up with expenses. Notably, the cost of living has gone up 16.47% in the same period.

If necessary, a Special Assessment may be levied for large capital expenditures. Over the past 20 years we have had only two Special Assessments: refurbishing of the passenger elevators in 2004 and an extensive garage renovation in 2009.

Association Budget

The fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. The Finance Committee works with Carlyle Management, Building Manager and Committee Chairs to build a budget. The Board considers what is necessary to maintain and preserve the quality of the building and services, and approves the final budget. Owners receive the budget at least one month before it goes into effect.

Shaker Towers offer numerous amenities for residents, including:

  • Second floor roof top lawn and garden area – a favorite of residents and guests
  • Heated two-level garage, staffed 24/7
  • Affordable onsite car wash and assistance with inflating tires and recharging batteries
  • Staff assistance, at no fee, with in-suite tasks that take less than 15 minutes (such as changing overhead light bulbs, batteries in smoke detectors.)
  • Fitness Room with weights, elliptical, recumbent bike, and treadmill
  • Renovated laundry rooms with new washers and dryers
  • For a deposit, Suite 110 may be reserved for parties and meetings
  • Every Unit has a storage locker in the basement
  • Every floor has a utility closet which Owners share and can be used to store luggage
  • STCA Clubhouse

The Rooftop garden is over the garage and accessed from the second level from both buildings. The lawn is open to all residents and their guests. Many use the lawn furniture to read, catch some sun, or have a glass of wine in the evening. No smoking or pets here!

All residents are eligible to have a garden plot, at no charge, and generally all requests can be filled. Once assigned, the garden stays with the gardener from year to year. Gardens average 200-300 square feet. 

Our Board of Directors complies with State and local requirements around Covid-19 and has adopted the following measures to protect the health and safety of our residents and staff.  These guidelines apply to all residents, staff, visitors, and contractors.

Face coverings must be worn in ALL common areas which include the hallways, elevators, lobbies, mailrooms, laundry rooms and the garage.

Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained in all common areas.

Elevators are to be occupied by only one person or family unit.

The garage attendant on duty is required to take and record temperatures of ALL persons reporting to work here AND all contractors entering the building to work for the Association or for individual Owners.

We are fortunate to have cleaning staff that disinfects elevator buttons, doorknobs and laundry buttons twice daily as part of their routine cleaning.  Each of us must take responsibility by washing our hands regularly and by using our elbows and knuckles to open doors and elevators as well as use spray bottles provided in the laundry rooms and garden to spray equipment and chairs.

Should residents need to quarantine or isolate themselves, they must inform the Building Manager who will direct garage staff to deliver mail and other deliveries to outside their door.